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Putting Out The Fire...

The only book that focuses on the first hours and days with Compassion and Tools that Work,

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"This is the best Grief & Loss book I have ever read...."

- Izabela Van Tassel, funeral director


"This book was even beneficial for helping me process a very painful loss from five years ago." - JL

About the Author...

Claire M. Schwartz

BA, Spiritual Counselor,

Certified Professional Coach & Grief

Healing Expert

Step into Your Healing Journey
& Choose to Heal

It is our natural instinct to run away from grief and loss, partially because our culture doesn’t teach us how to heal, but teaches us to suffer in silence, but also because it HURTS!!  Damn, this may hurt more than anything else I have ever felt!  And that’s OK.  As you heal and adapt, the pain WILL ease.


Healing is a Choice and Healing Is Doable.


It doesn't matter if you are facing a Loss that happened 10 minutes, days or years ago. These are the lessons my approach will teach you that keep you empowered and healing, rather than burying your pain and continuing to suffer. 


These are the beginning steps to Get Your Life Back!

Break your Healing Journey down into Manageable Bits
There is no timeline for healing and this is deep stuff.  Just get through this One Minute for now – breathe – then move on to the Next Minute.  That’s all you have to manage. 

The same applies to Tasks – the Huge To Do List will be overwhelming – learn to pick one thing and stay in the moment to work on what is in front of you.

The Healthy Goal of your healing is NOT to Get Over
or Get Past Your Loss or to Achieve Closure
It is to Integrate the Reality of Your Loss into your life, and not live in the pain.  Learn to reframe your process into something realistic and empowering.  The Ten Tall Tales of Grief & Loss will teach you more things that you can reframe, discard what doesn’t work and embrace new ideas that support you, to help you manage your Healing Journey.
Be Gentle With Yourself and Practice Self-Care
Attend to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and remember that it’s OK to make mistakes and have missteps in this process.  It does not serve you to beat yourself up – rather forgive yourself for being human and congratulate yourself for your courage in working at your healing.
Learn how to Ride the Wave of your Healing
There will be ups and downs – but things WILL get better, when you use the steps that work, surround yourself with quality and kind support that isn’t demanding or critical, and be gentle with yourself.  There may be setbacks, and that is okay, it is part of the Journey.
Now what you need are Truths and Tools that use these ideas to move you into Joy and Healing - and the right support to do it.
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