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Montclair, New Jersey, USA



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Begin the Healing Today...

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Putting Out The Fire...

The only book that focuses on the first hours and days with Compassion and Tools that Work,

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"This is the best Grief & Loss book I have ever read...."

- Izabela Van Tassel, funeral director


"This book was even beneficial for helping me process a very painful loss from five years ago." - JL

About the Author...

Claire M. Schwartz

BA, Spiritual Counselor,

Certified Professional Coach & Grief

Healing Expert

Are you numb from a Loss 

and don’t know how to move ahead with your life?

Was your loss long ago

and you don’t know if there is any point to getting help?

Do you feel like you are alone in your grief

and do not know where to turn?

No matter what piece of the Grief & Loss journey you are on,

there is hope and there is help.

The goal is not to Get Over It.

The goal is rebuilding into a new wholeness

and I am here to orchestrate

your personal healing journey.

Hi, there – I’m Claire Schwartz, and I’ve been where you are. 
I come from a broken place I call The Dark Ugly™,
a place I was told I was not supposed to find a way out of.

But I did - I dug deep, leaned into my healing, and got support.


Now it is my passion to support you in finding a much shorter, quicker way out of your grief than the 20+- year road I took.

Why is a Grief Coach necessary?

To walk this path with someone who has been there before is essential. I struggled after the loss of my mother to find someone who truly could connect to and understand what I was feeling – to not judge or preach – and to be compassionate. Now my experience, and more than a decade as a healer and coach, can provide guidance, insight and companionship to your healing path.

Well-meaning family and friends may not be the best resources to support you – they may have their own grief to work through, they may cope in ways that are vastly different than yours, or they may not be able to reach out at all. 

Now you have a professional who is to be your advocate, mentor and cheerleader.

Loss Changes Us – we are all shaped by the losses, traumas, slings and arrows that Life throws at us. But it is never too late to plan the next phase of your life.

Start today – don’t waste another minute in suffering.


Next Steps

  As of March 16, 2020, all services are virtual due to Covid-19. I am more available due to not having to travel, all credit card fees have been waived for everyone and new clients have access to discounts.

CLICK HERE for all the details and access to my schedule or contact me to make any other arrangements.

We are mighty and we are many - and we WILL get through this.

 - We can start with a Free 1/2 Hour Call, to get to know one another and start the process. Then we can decide on how best to move you forward.

 - For a full day devoted only to you and your healing, explore the details on my   VIP Solace Intensive Day. Jump-start your healing journey with an focused burst of intention, clarity and support.


 - 3-Month Personal Solace Intensives schedule regular sessions to craft a deep and lasting healing for you. When you are truly ready to re-weave and reinvent your spirit.

If you want to schedule an in-person or extended call appointment right away, you can click right through to my schedule HERE - for a greater list of appointment times, just email me.

​Use the powerful instrument of Grief Coaching to guide you

you are never alone.

"You may not control all the events that happen to you,

but you can decide not to be reduced by them."

Dr. Maya Angelou

Be prepared to go there with Claire as you uncover and discover what hurts, what sucks, but most importantly, what’s possible.

- Mimi: client & PhD candidate

Claire has changed my life in so many ways - she listens intently and never makes me feel judged.

- DK, teacher

Claire's coaching gave me the courage to face my mother's passing and eased my grief so I could move forward.  I will always be grateful.

- Paul S., businessman

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