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It is time to create lasting healing

from the Grief & Trauma that haunt you.

Loss and Trauma are part of life - but we are terrified of them.

And yet healing is so essential and available.

So why don't people heal?

  • We can start with what we learn in our families:

    • We don't talk about sad things

    • We keep "family things" private, not to be shared with outsiders

    • Grief & Trauma Shaming when emotions are expressed - what's wrong with you? why are you crying? Just get over it....

  • Then we have our culture, which gives us the wrong solutions and advice:

    • Time Heals All Wounds, so we just wait and hope it gets better by itself

    • Just go back to work or just power through.

    • There's nothing you can do, death just happens, which keeps us from going through a process we figure will never work.

  • Finally, we fear what healing means:

    • We are afraid that we will forget or leave behind a Loved One.

    • Getting into all these Big Emotions is scary.

    • We don't know whom to ask or trust with our healing.

You may not have known what to do to try to heal.

So you did what you thought you were supposed to:

  • You joined a support group - but that was just too much sadness.

  • You read some books - but you couldn't focus, or felt they didn't apply to you.

  • You talked to a friend or family member - but they didn't know what to say or even, actually said something that made you feel worse....

Then you tried therapy - that's the next step, right?

Well, that didn't work either....

  • The therapist couldn't relate to what you had been through or you felt like they just didn't get it.

  • They were sympathetic, but had no real process to guide you through the difficult emotions that you are having.

  • They were too quick to label you with a diagnosis, which sounded scary, but could not offer you real solutions.

  • You got the same platitudes you did from the culture, or your family - Time Heals All Wounds, Everything Happens for a Reason, your loved one is in a better place....

Then finally, exhausted and discouraged, you just went back to your life, back to work, and hoped for the best, because you weren't sure what else to do.....

Outdoors in Autumn

But pushing away your suffering doesn't heal you....

Instead, it can:

Prolong your health issues

Leave you filled with doubts and fears

Have you noticed your quality of your sleep has diminished?

And your pain levels have increased?

You may be getting irritable and impatient with family and friends

You can't quite focus at work....

Or you may have repeated sicknesses or injuries.

You are tired and frustrated and sad.

Maybe even angry.

Now what?

Forest Trees

That's why I created my

Fearless Grieving to Fearless Living

3-Month Online Portal Program

Offering Relief & Resilience, at long last....

All your doubts & fears addressed

Peace in your spirit

Feel Heard ~ Be Understood ~ No Judgement ~ Compassionate Solutions

  • Have a Lighter Heart

  • Be able to laugh and have joy

  • Stabilize your emotions to relieve stress and anxiety

  • Have clarity about the past

  • Realign your health

  • Express your feelings without fear

  • Be content about the future

  • Feel ready to be flexible and confident with all losses

  • Plus, and most importantly, you will have a guide who supports you unconditionally and who has your back no matter what.

I'm Claire Schwartz and I want to let you know I've Got You.

I will tell you The Truth and Walk by Your Side.

I have been where you are, where my world blew apart

and I didn't know how to put it back together. Where I was so buried in layers of dysfunction, I didn't know how to get out.


When I learned my mother had died with a phone call at midnight, my whole world came crashing down. We had been estranged, all the mourning and estate tasks fell to me and I was only 24. My life fell apart for about four months – eating and sleeping and drinking were all haywire – the PTSD was very bad – my memory, my focus, my very being – nothing made sense anymore. And that was entangled with all the trauma from my past - abuse, neglect, fear.....

It took me more than 20 years to work my way through it. And it was a painstaking process to learn what was true, what worked, what made things harder and that even the best of intentions can be like a knife to your gut.

The 40+ losses I have sustained since then have sharpened those tools and my insight. Now it is my honor to support you in making your healing much less drawn out and painful than mine has been.

I have watched folks shut down for years.

Health and family and happiness all fade away,

because they don't know who to ask or how to start.

But Life is Short.

Let's make yours the best it can be and heal your heart.

Curious? Have Questions?

Move from Fearless Grieving to Fearless Living

Claire shines like a beacon, carefully and compassionately leading me back to a place of great strength and healing. Even when the work was heartbreaking and daunting, Claire stood with me in my overwhelming sadness and never let me feel alone. ~Jen J.

You will create an account in my Online Portal and I will send you personalized info on a regular basis, even daily, if we agree on that.

On any given day we might be working on: 

  • Guided Meditations to calm your heart and remind you that you are not alone

  • Journaling and Worksheet Strategies based on your personal journey, to process all those feelings that you don't know how to manage

  • Focused & personal strategies to get diet, sleep and calmness back on track

  • Input on the Unwinding of a Loved One's Estate and Belongings (though no legal advice will be given).

  • Creative & Personal Gestures and Rituals of transformation, celebration and remembrance.

  • Personally-crafted solutions that leave you feeling understood, supported and relieved.

  • Intensive Support on managing challenging remarks from friends & family – know more and hurt less….

All of our work will be online, in your inbox and texts, allowing me to give rapid feedback and support as your personal Grief & Trauma Support team by your side.

You will also get up to 2 copies of my book, Putting Out the Fire: Nurturing Mind, Body & Spirit in the First Week of Loss and Beyond - 5-star reviewed & specifically geared towards the beginning of the grieving process (though it also works for trauma), which can be read in a few hours.

"Highly practical - easy to read - compassionate."

Dr. Neill Neill, psychologist (1939-2018)

"One of the best books on Grief & Loss I have ever read."

Izabela Va Tassel, Funeral Director

"Honoring everyone's journey, she teaches you how to honor yours."

Janet Straightarrow

2020 Cover - Small File.jpg

‣ Exclusive Access to my Extensive Online Portal Library of Worksheets, Videos, Inspiration and Journaling Strategies to support your journey to wholeness. These will get sent to you for your healing process designed particularly for you.

‣ Regular 90-minute Zoom calls per month to track, shift and dig deep face-to-face.

​​‣ Two (2) 30-minute Extra Emergency Calls for when panic or conflict take over and you need support that same day.

‣ Regular Email Support.

The goals for this process:

- That you will no longer be focused on your pain and fear 24/7 and feel peace about that

- That you have all your doubts and fears addressed

- That you no longer fear the slings and arrows that will come in life, so you can have clarity and readiness to lessen the shock and have confidence in your healing

Working with a professional is the most effective way to accomplish any goal you have. 

And nothing is more important than transforming pain back into joy,

so you can move forward to the next stage of your life.

Ready to get started?

Let's have a chat.

Click above to get my schedule.

You can ask me anything.

You Are Never Alone.

Wait – I don’t want to ever forget my lost loved one….

Of course you don’t – and you never will. And that’s not the goal we are working towards. We are creating a new place of solace and kindness where you can have peace in your spirit.

Wait, will my grief and trauma ever go away?

I’m not going to lie to you – some of this does stay in your spirit. But every loss changes you and teaches you. The mission is to learn and transform that grief and trauma into something new – stronger – better – wiser.

Don’t let your downfall be their legacy – let it be your triumph.

I am your mentor and guide on this journey – transforming your sorrow, through The Art of Fearless Grieving, into wisdom and peace.

Email me today at to get started.

Fearless Grieving to Fearless Living
3-Month Online Portal Program

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