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Organizational Support

 Estimates are that six in 10 men and five in 10 women experience at least one trauma in their lifetime.

Losses & Trauma invade our lives, often at the worst possible time.

Such instances can include:

  • A Death in the Family

  • Divorce

  • Infertility

  • Abuse

  • Assault

  • Major Illness or Injury

  • And so many more….

    These will definitely happen to one, and more than one, of your employees. Your team and your company need to be prepared with the right information, tools and system to respond.

Rise in Employee Support
There is a rise in organizations adopting policies and EAP’s to include Bereavement & Trauma Support.

WHY are we seeing more organizations do this each year?

  • Providing mental health support shows deeper support for your  employees.

  • This results in stronger retention of those employees, your most valuable asset.

  • This also makes your company increasingly attractive and competitive to future candidates in the hiring market.

HOW an organization responds in times of crisis has a long-lasting, deep impact on the overall well-being of your organization. Your response affects your company culture, client satisfaction, and therefore, your profits and reputation.

WHY I am the right fit to support your organization:

  • I spent over 15 years working in the corporate and legal worlds of NYC. I know the inside of company culture – it can create loyalty and healing – or resentment and more catastrophe.

  • I have been supporting and coaching Grief & Trauma Survivors for over 15 years – and I am one myself.

Here are the options for how I can support your organization:

 Grief costs workplaces upwards of $75 billion annually - and that number is over 20 years old....

Level One: Plan & Prepare

Management Training

    ~ Compassionate & Critical information for leadership on how life-changing events can affect morale and productivity.

    ~ Learn how best to support your team and your company.

    ~ Building a Grief & Trauma Informed workplace will help managers address sensitive and difficult crises to help employees manage stress and prevent burnout.

Level Two: Design & Create

Management Consultation

    ~ Working with your team to craft and customize a Bereavement & Trauma Support Policy specific to your company's needs.

    ~ Works in concert with your current EAP to expand and enrich the support you offer.

    ~ Learn my C.A.R.E. System: The steps to create a policy that actually works on a human level.

Wound Care

Post-Grief & Trauma Guidance

    ~ After a shocking event, I bring a compassionate ear and my 15 years of experience to guide and support your team through the initial stages of healing.

    ~ Individual & Group Zoom discussions make sure that your team feels heard while learning how to keep your company on track.

  Ongoing Support Packages available.

"Claire is an excellent workshop presenter, energetic and passionate in her service to others. I would recommend her without reservation."

~ Professor David Roberts, Utica College

Balancing your employees’ needs and your company’s needs

They are actually the same thing! But every company is different. That’s why every one of my packages includes the following:

  • Grief & Trauma Organizational Assessment with Management

  • Individualized Planning & Combinations of Offerings

  • Customized Printouts and Materials Prior to Virtual Experience

  • Follow-up Resources & Coordination with Management 

  • Extended Email Support – can be added on for an extended period of time.

  • One free copy of my book, with further copies available for purchase

2020 Cover - Small File.jpg

Book Reviews

"Highly practical - easy to read - compassionate."

Dr. Neill Neill, psychologist (1939-2018)

"One of the best books on Grief & Loss I have ever read."

Izabela Van Tassel, Funeral Director

"Honoring everyone's journey, she teaches you how to honor yours."

Janet Straightarrow

Working with an expert is the most effective way to accomplish any goal in life, whether personal or professional. 

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