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Other Grief Relief Services

Other Grief Relief Services

     There are many other options for working together, to make sure you have the compassionate care you and your family deserve. These are only some of the ways I can support you.

     Hospice Visits: If you would like to have advice and support during the final days of a loved one's passing, I am happy to visit any hospice within 50 miles and we can certainly discuss a Skype call, if you are not in the area.

     Funeral Direction: I can advise you on the design and process of a funeral service, and also conduct the service myself in my capacity as an Ordained Interfaith Minister.

     Memorial Direction: I can design and conduct a memorial to mark an anniversary, headstone laying, birthday, tree-planting, dedication or any other type of ceremony in honor of a loved one.

     Animal Companions: Our animals are often closer than family and we often grieve even more intensely for them. Any service I offer can be done for an animal of any species. Give them the honor and remembrance they deserve.

     Wake or Shiva Support: I am pleased to offer family care and assistance during a wake event or a shiva mourning period, if I may be of service to listen, problem-solve or advise.

     Other Faith or Atheist Services: If you are seeking the direction and conducting of services for alternative reasons, because you have eclectic needs or because you do not follow any particular religious path, I am available to advise you and your family in any capacity I can. Your path is your choice and my door is open to all.

     If you have other needs not listed above, have ideas that you like to bring create or are not finding someone who will make happen what you are envisioning, please do not hesitate to contact me. The grieving and memorializing process is deeply personal, and you deserve to be heard and understood. Email me directly or from my Contact page.


Contact me todayyou are not alone and you are not stuck with your pain.
Don’t spend another moment suffering.


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