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The TAPER Technique​

What's the secret sauce to healing?

Why do so many not even try or give up before true relief sets in?

Because there are elements that must be in place.

They comprise what I call The TAPER Technique™.

It encompasses The Five Keys to Grief & Trauma Healing

that solve the mystery of lasting healing and change.

Make sure these are in place and your chances for healing skyrocket.

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I have watched folks shut down for years.

Health and family and happiness all fade away,

because they don't know who to ask or how to start.

But Life is Short.

Let's make yours the best it can be and heal your heart.

Curious? Have Questions?

Move from Fearless Grieving to Fearless Living


"Claire is a gifted healer and has such great insight into what makes people tick - and makes them heal."

~Dr. Neill

"Be prepared to go there with Claire as you uncover and discover what hurts, what sucks, but most importantly, what’s possible."

~Dr. Mimi O, PhD candidate

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Fearless Grieving to Fearless Living

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