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Montclair, New Jersey, USA



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Putting Out The Fire...

The only book that focuses on the first hours and days with Compassion and Tools that Work,

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"This is the best Grief & Loss book I have ever read...."

- Izabela Van Tassel, funeral director


"This book was even beneficial for helping me process a very painful loss from five years ago." - JL

About the Author...

Claire M. Schwartz

BA, Spiritual Counselor,

Certified Professional Coach & Grief

Healing Expert

Outside Links & Articles

Below is a list of various organizations which can be invaluable toward your or your loved one's grieving process:


Compassionate Friends

State by State Suicide Hotlines 

Good Grief - support for children


Personal Stories/Articles


Laurie Burrows Grad (loss of husband of 45 years)

-- Lucinda Bassett (Husband who committed suicide)


More to come...