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Putting Out the Fire

Updated Addendum for 2020

"The most practical treatment of the subject of Grief & Loss

I've seen in over 20 years as a psychologist."

~ Dr. Glenn Livingston

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5-star reviews on Amazon

There are plenty of books of Grief & Loss out there.

But there is NO book that only focuses on that moment after the phone rings and your life flips on its head, taking your very breath away. What do you DO? Your mind is in a whirl and nothing makes sense - and yet you have a million things to do.


This is the book I wish I'd had when my mother died, when I had to function in a complete state of shock and shutdown.


Order your copy today for $12

Up to 6 copies for a flat shipping rate

*USA 48 states only

Grief will always be with you, and ... time will not heal all the wounds…However, this book will teach you what steps to take to find peace and a new life.

- Izabela Van Tassel, Funeral Director

~ If you are Clergy, a Hospice Worker, Funeral Director or Charity;

~ If you wish to purchase MORE than 6 copies;

~ If you need a shipping method other than USPS, OR

~ If you live outside of the USA's 48 states....

Please email me HERE - thanks so much!

This slim, but powerful book teaches you:

  • How to care for your health and sanity

  • Who to trust and who to avoid

  • How to take care of business that must be done

  • The Ten Tall Tales of Grief & Loss© - the things we get told that may be well-meaning, but can be so hurtful and destructive - how to respond and some more compassionate ideas that will support you

  • Ways to celebrate your Loved One

  • What to expect in the long term


There is no other resource like this. When my world collapsed and my heart crashed, these are the things I needed to know.  And after more than 30 other losses, I have honed and crafted this skill set into something truly practical, unique and heartfelt.

I hope you & your loved ones find it valuable for those fragile moments after the shock of loss and for beginning your healing.

"Claire’s guidance both before and after my mother’s death was invaluable.  I had been very distraught over mom’s illness and closed myself off from facing her death.  Claire’s coaching led me to create beautiful lasting memories with my mother, which will be with me forever.  Then she gave me the courage to face my mother’s passing and eased my grief so I could move forward.  I will always be grateful."

Paul S.

Praise for Putting Out the Fire:

  "If you have experienced the sudden and unexpected loss of a loved one, then you are facing one of life’s most difficult challenges. You may feel like your soul is on fire, you may feel numb, you may feel totally disconnected from life. There is a good chance that you will feel a wide range of emotions – from intense pain on one extreme to nothing feeling real on the other. In the immediate aftermath of such a loss, you need some effective ways to cope, to get through the trauma.

Claire Schwartz, author of Putting Out the Fire, gives the reader some simple, specific ways to cope. Ms. Schwartz writes from personal experience. As she describes her own journey dealing the multiple losses, she give the reader some practical steps to deal with all the decisions that need to be made.

Most of us are not taught how to deal with the loss of a loved one. We may find ourselves suddenly facing decisions that would be difficult under normal circumstances and almost impossible under the severe emotional stress that comes with the loss of a loved one.

The book is relatively short. When your heart is on fire from a loss, you are not capable of wading through a long, academic treatment of loss. You want something short, practical and to the point. Ms. Schwartz writes in a very conversational style and her words are very empathetic. She’s been there and knows what it is like.

She gives some excellent tips on the things you will need to focus on in the days immediate following a loss. She also gives advice on dealing with well-meaning friends who inflict more pain than comfort. And she shares the Ten Tall Tales – things we have been taught (and accepted) about dealing with grief that are not true and work against our healing.

This book will also help you better understand how to be a friend to someone who has experienced a loss. Those in hospice care, the clergy and grief counselors would benefit by learning the lessons contained in Putting Out The Fire."

From Amazon Top 500 Reviewer


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