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3-Month Personal Solace Intensive

This is the most effective way for us to work together.

It builds deep and lasting healing when you need it most.  And it gives you the skills to take you into your future with a calm heart and quiet spirit.
Feel Heard ~ Be Understood ~ No Judgement ~ Compassionate Solutions


We can work together in one of two ways:

Every package includes:

‣ Two (2) 30-minute Extra Emergency Calls for when panic or conflict take over and you need support that same day.


‣ Up to 2 copies of my book, Putting Out the Fire: Nurturing Mind, Body & Spirit in the First Week of Loss and Beyond - 5-star reviewed & specifically geared towards the beginning of the grieving process, which can be read in a few hours.


‣ Unlimited Email Support.


‣ Personally-crafted solutions that leave you feeling understood, supported and relieved.


Every package is renewable – after 3 months, we assess where we are, add more pieces, design new elements and create a new package for you.


So what will we be spending our time doing?

Here’s the best part – my approach is completely individual.

It is based on:

• Your Story

• Your Needs

• Your Pace

• Your Comfort Level

• Your Goals


On any given day, we might be working on:

  • Your choice of my Guided Meditations to calm your heart and remind you that you are not alone

  • Journaling Strategies based on your personal journey

  • Support to get diet, sleep and calmness back on track

  • Advice on the Unwinding of a Loved One's Estate and Belongings (though no legal advice will be given).

  • Memorialize Your Loss with Creative & Personal Gestures and Rituals of celebration and remembrance.

  • Personally-crafted solutions that leave you feeling understood, supported and relieved.

  • Intensive Support on managing challenging remarks from friends & family – know more and hurt less….


Working with a professional is the most effective way to accomplish any goal you have.  And nothing is more important than transforming pain back into joy, so you can move forward to the next stage of your life.

Wait – I don’t want to ever forget my lost loved one….

Of course you don’t – and you never will. And that’s not the goal we are working towards. We are creating a new place of solace and kindness where you can have peace in your spirit.

Wait, will my grief and confusion ever go away?

I’m not going to lie to you – grief does stay in your spirit – you will always miss this person. Every loss changes you and teaches you. The mission is to learn and transform that grief into something new – stronger – better – wiser.

Don’t let your downfall be their legacy – let it be your triumph.

I am your mentor and guide on this journey – transforming your suffering, through The Art of Fearless Grieving, into wisdom and peace.

Email me today at to get started.


Claire's compassion comes through so clearly in her voice and in her words - I cannot help but feel cared for and safe.

- Dr. Karen Kelly

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