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Loss Emergency Preparedness Handbook & Program

     This is a program that I am developing to support you and your family before  a loss occurs.

     One of the hardest things about a loss, whether sudden or anticipated, is not being prepared. Who do I call? Where is all the paperwork? Is there an insurance policy? What are the wishes of my Loved One?


     I cannot hold a thought in my head - how do I DO this???

     This Handbook will have everything you need to know ahead of time, outlining all the moving pieces and topics you need to consider, down to the tiniest detail.

     But who wants to do all that work?
     This is the best part - I will sit with you and your family to walk you through everything, asking the questions that haven't yet occurred to you and overseeing the entire process. Then I can advise you properly on where to keep this invaluable document and how to access it when the need arises.

     This project is a Work in Progress as we speak. If you would like to provide input in suggesting questions or topics that you would like to see addressed,  I am open to any and all suggestions. Email me directly or from my Contact page.


Contact me todayyou are not alone and you are not stuck with your pain.
Don’t spend another moment suffering.


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