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Organizational Support

Management Training & Consultations

We have to begin at the beginning, so my management services consist of two levels.

Each of the Levels can be purchased separately

or work well when combined into one purpose-driven project.

Level One: Plan & Prepare

Management Training

    ~ Current State of Global Bereavement Policies

    ~ Potential Pitfalls of Non-existent Bereavement & Trauma Policies

    ~ Types of Benefits & Offerings to Consider for Your Staff

    ~ Immediate Advice on What to Say/Do and What Not to Say/Do in a sensitive Loss or Trauma situation

    ~ Outline of my C.A.R.E. System : The Steps to Create a Policy that Actually Works on a Human Level
    ~ And much more, based on the current and individual needs of your company or organization

Level Two: Design & Create

Management Consultation

    ~ Creating or expanding your company’s EAP to make your mental health offerings the best they can be

    ~ Working with your team to craft and customize a Bereavement & Trauma Support Policy specific to your company's needs.

    ~ Finding ways of building loyalty & commitment amongst your employees

    ~ Implement my C.A.R.E. System within the culture of your company

    ~ Ensure that your organization runs smoothly in times of crisis

"Claire is fiercely dedicated to her work and her clients. She has a unique gift for deep-reaching insight and compassion."

~ Jen J., client

Balancing your employees’ needs and your company’s needs

They are actually the same thing! But every company is different. That’s why every one of my packages includes the following:

  • Grief & Trauma Organizational Assessment with Management

  • Individualized Planning & Combinations of Offerings

  • Customized Printouts and Materials Prior to Virtual Experience

  • Follow-up Resources & Coordination with Management 

  • Extended Email Support – can be added on for an extended period of time.

  • One free copy of my book, with further copies available for purchase

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Book Reviews

"Highly practical - easy to read - compassionate."

Dr. Neill Neill, psychologist (1939-2018)

"One of the best books on Grief & Loss I have ever read."

Izabela Va Tassel, Funeral Director

"Honoring everyone's journey, she teaches you how to honor yours."

Janet Straightarrow

Working with an expert is the most effective way to accomplish any goal in life, whether personal or professional. 

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