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The Philosophy of Fun Socks

I write about a lot of heavy subjects - death, trauma, mourning, suicide, addiction...things that are tough to talk about. I do try and balance it with empowering messages and ideas about healing, joy and love though (without becoming sappy - I hate sappy).

But it's because of that tricky balance that today I want to write about something I call The Philosophy of Fun Socks.

I fully confess before you all - I am Sock Obsessed. I have a whole drawer of crazy fun stuff - not just stripes and kitties either! I have sushi socks, VanGogh socks, geek socks, socks from my favorite rock band. I love summer weather, but I can't wear my socks!!

When I worked my corporate job, I had to wear office attire every day - totally not my thing. I always felt like I was putting on a costume to become someone I didn't want to be. But my little rebellion nearly every day, was that under my business slacks, I was wearing Fun Socks. Seriously, who would look at my feet?? And it was my way of reminding myself that despite the "costume", underneath, I was still Me. It was self-expression and celebration - those things that make LIFE.

I had a wise friend at that job - we didn't agree on everything, but I learned something very important from her. We were talking about all the nice crystal and china so many of us have from family inheritance and garage sales, and how it is carefully displayed in a breakfront, seldom used. She said, oh, no - she used it all the time! Every day for dinner, she eats on the Good Dishes and drinks out of fine crystal. What's the point of just having something nice if you don't use it and celebrate everyday life with it?

So my point in today's post is about celebrating - living life - having FUN - breaking the "rules". Wear fun hats, go on a road trip, kick through the puddles, howl at the moon, get dirt under your nails. Go check your bucket list and pick something to do tomorrow. That way, when you do hit one of those Heavy Times, you will know you can balance it and that your life is filled with JOY. It makes the tough times easier. So snatch those moments and breathe deep. This is the Breath of Life. Enjoy!

How will you breathe deep today?

Claire M. Schwartz Leading You Back into the Light after Loss

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