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20% Compassionate Care

Grief & Loss touch all of us, no matter what background we come from or what our current circumstances are. Funerals and health care are much more expensive than they need to be in the USA, which often leaves people and their families strapped and strained when they need support for the healing work that follows.

I make every effort to keep my services affordable – those who pay top prices know that they get solid and committed support from me.

They also know that their payments allow me to be more generous to others who are less able to afford service.

It is my commitment to set aside 20% of my practice for those in need.
I cannot work for $20 – but I do have a sliding scale and have found ways to work with many folks to be of support.

If you are in financial distress, here are some options for you:
•    My blog is free and always available – please avail yourself of all its offerings and email me if there is a topic you would like to see covered.
•    My book is not expensive – order a copy from me directly for only $12. You also order multiple copies for a flat shipping price, and I can drop the per book price when you do that, if that helps.
•    I offer a Free ½ Hour Empowerment Call to have a quick chat and get an infusion of feedback and advice.
•    Connect to me on Facebook – it is the place I most often post ideas, links and discussions about grieving.

Reach out – talk to me – that communication and connection are vital for healing.


     This project is a Work in Progress. If you would like to provide input in suggesting questions or topics that you would like to see addressed,  I am open to any and all suggestions. Email me directly or from my Contact page.


Contact me todayyou are not alone and you are not stuck with your pain.
Don’t spend another moment suffering.


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