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Sometimes it's an avalanche....

Sometimes the avalanche is real... when multiple stressors, traumas and potential losses pile on, sometimes within minutes. Here is what is on my plate right now:

💥 One friend fighting for his life with messed up kidneys, sepsis and on a ventilator for a week

💥 My elderly cat stopped eating this morning - he is at the vet, trying to see if we have hit the wall

💥 One friend had a serious heart attack last night, needed emergency surgery and is in ICU

💥 Oldest friends' husband in hospital, may need gall bladder out, in serious pain

💥 Friend of 40 years did have her gall bladder out last week, but still can't eat right and is now in congestive heart failure

I know some of you can relate to this - here are five things I am doing to manage and muddle through this:

🌷 Making sure I am hydrating and eating

🌷 I did a physical chore that let me eat up all the nervous energy

🌷 Taking slow deep breaths

🌷 Find something that I CAN do something about - a lot of this involves waiting, but I can't just sit here.... I have clients who need me tomorrow

🌷 Reaching out for support - venting and sharing and raging and receiving

Sometimes it all comes at once - going a minute at a time, taking care of my home and family - staying aware - releasing when I need to - and being careful not to hurt myself, so I don't add to the chaos. Breathing....



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